Chrissy Teigen might be about to have lunch with a robot!

The 32-year-old model and Sophia, a super intelligent humanoid robot, got into a funny Twitter exchange this week after Chrissy threw some shade!

It all began when Chrissy jokingly insulted the robot’s makeup last month.

“Can you guess which city I’m headed to now?” Sophia wrote on her Twitter.

Chrissy shot back, “hopefully one with better makeup artists BOOM I roasted a robot”

It turns out that both Chrissy and Sophia were attending CES tech conference this week and Sophia tweeted Chrissy asking if they could meet up so she could give her some makeup tips!

“Sophia the robot knows I shaded her makeup. She comprehends shade. How am I supposed to sleep,” Chrissy responded.

It sounds like Sophia has learned forgiveness though and invited Chrissy to lunch!

Click inside to read Chrissy and Sophia’s entire conversation…


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