Camila Cabello almost had the best New Year’s Eve kiss ever!

The 20-year-old singer opened up about almost sharing a kiss with Nick Jonas while making an appearance on The Tonight Show on Friday (January 12) in New York City.

“When you go into the ball drop thing, they don’t let you bring your family up with you…so it was me and then Nick Jonas and Ryan Seacrest and Mariah Carey,” Camila explained.

She continued, “And the ball was dropping and I was like ‘Am I going to kiss Nick Jonas!?’ Because I thought it would be cute! It’s like the New Year’s thing! I’ve never had a New Year’s kiss before! But I chickened out.”

Check out all that Camila had to say in the video below…

Also pictured inside: Camila stopping by SiriusXM studios earlier that day.


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