Jennifer Garner stars in the new coming-of-age drama Love Simon, about a young teen’s coming out journey, and she’s opening up about a same-sex kiss that she had on the big screen.

Back in 2005, Jennifer shared a kiss with actress Natassia Malthe in the movie Elektra and they were even nominated for Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards.

“It was a great kiss. I was like, ‘Oh, I get it. Women are softer. No wonder women kiss women,’” Jennifer told Pride Source in a new interview. “But she also, at the time, had bronchitis, and I remember I was in the middle of a really intense production cycle. So that’s my personal memory of it. Besides that, it was very fun and every man from the studio who I’d never met or heard from or seen before showed up on set to watch that day.”

She added, “The gay men, the straight men – they just all suddenly were like, ‘Yeah, we just came for a set visit in the middle of nowhere, in British Columbia.’”

Jennifer and Natassia are pictured here at the Elektra world premiere in 2005.


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