Rooted Sony Xperia L1 (2017). You can now root the Sony Xperia L1 using Magisk and a patched boot image link/tutorial in the description! 

Link for root:https://forum.xda-developers.com/xperia-l1/how-to/root-l1-g3313-magisk-t3693350

This 100% works for G3311 & G3313 as they are not dual SIM but might work for G3312! 

Root your device at your own risk !! Once rooted you can do things like (I do not recommend these apps just showing examples) : Free in app purchases (Lucky Patcher&Busybox) Free downloads from YouTube (OGYouTube) Make device run upto 200 x faster (Kernal Tweaking apps).

The list could go on forerver... Just YouTube 'Root apps 2017' after this method and you can start using rooted apps on your rooted L1. 


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