Parenting Seminar | Child is not our servant | Parenting Tips for Children in Hindi
One minute praising... One minute Goals... One minute Reprimands techniques help parent and children to develop confidence, happiness and satisfaction in their relationship and study success.
Topics :
Secrets of Successful Parenting
Discover different ways to enjoy
 Quality Family Time Together
Learn prerequisite of Successful Parenting
Learn to create healthy and growing environment for your child
Understand child psychology and studies
Manage your child’s fears and phobias for exam
Develop healthy self-esteem in your child
Improve Your and Teens Relationship and Communication
Assess your parenting style for teamwork and family unity

Dr.Sneh Desai says that your child deserves respect of course because they are humans. You have to understand their wishes & choices & you should give respect to their personal dreams.
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