Here is the piano tutorial for the song, "Welcome To The Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance.

This is the transcription of TheFingersOfGod's piano arrangement.  I was told that he deleted his account, but the video has been re-uploaded by a fan.  You can see the original video in the link below.

Credits / Info:

Title: Welcome To The Black Parade
Artist: My Chemical Romance
Album: The Black Parade
Piano Arrangement: TheFingersOfGod
Piano Transcription, MIDI: tilt1981
Requested by: Cincinnasty3

You can watch TheFingersOfGod's piano cover here:

Tutorial downloads:

Software used:
Anvil Studio - for editing midi
Audacity - for editing audio
FL Studio - for editing midi
MadTracker - for exporting to midi
MilkyTracker - for tracking song
MuseScore - for transcribing sheet music
Synthesia - for playing completed song
VirtualDub - for editing video/audio 


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