I posted the links below to the original posts and the article with Julian Assange’s tweets. The tweets have been verified! They are real. I will also post my twitter link below where you can find screenshots and collaborating evidence for this video! You guys owe me big for this video! Google and YouTube are going to remove it asap, so please share this video with as many people as possible! This is the most truth that you will ever get about the situation.. Sorry for the weird title, but I'm trying to keep this video under the radar!

Hacker Testament: https://youtu.be/hl7JojHwZcM

I could title and tag this video so that It gets 100k views but then it would get flagged and removed....So I won’t label correctly, but I’m counting on you guys to share it everywhere!! So that people see it!

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Here is the link to the story about the comments made by Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks, the tweets have been verified to be real: 

Here is the link to the original post:


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