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Welcome to the John Grijalba Youtube Channel. The channel that combines sick NFL Highlights with even sicker Christian Rap Music. This was all inspired a few months ago when I wanted to make an Antonio Brown Highlight video but I decided I wanted to use clean music to provide an alternative for audiences from the graphic and disturbing mainstream rap industry. It is also my hope that these lyrics can change lives like they have helped to enrich and strengthen my Christian Faith. Subscribe and comment! 

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Lost My Way - Lecrae ft. King Mez and Daniel Daley
[Hook: Daniel Daley]
Running, running 'til the fear is gone, don't know where I'm going
Don't know if I'll make it home, tell Mama I'm sorry
I know that I've made mistakes, tell her it ain't easy
I'll see her on judgment day, I lost my way
I lost my way, yeah, I lost my way, yeah [x4]
[Verse 1: Lecrae]
And tell the pastor to pray for me, I'm gone
Ay look, tell my mom and my partners who knew me since I was younger
I'm 'bout to sell out for fame and a couple dollars
Probably seen me on TV, standing with girls in bikinis
Bragging on money and things that I had to borrow
They knew it, I blew it, fame and fortune got to me
Keeping it real will keep you broke, I'm out here looking for glue
You wanted real hip-hop, I'm sorry
'Cause this VIP is free and all these girls want to party
So, super producer, pop singer, plus the yola
Now they got my record spinning, trying to sell you cola
Ah man, what happened? I started moving too fast
Traded the craft for the cash so now you do the math
Subtract the heart and the art you make for the people
You end up with a whole lot of zeros feeling like a zero
I use to be a hip-hop hero, now I'm just a victim of my ego
I lost my way, yeah, I lost my way
Mama, tell 'em I lost my way
Lord, I lost my way, yeah
[Interlude: King Mez]
Crazy can't nobody relate to nothing real no more
They want something fake, they want something fabricated, it's crazy
Can't nobody relate when I say, when I say
[Verse 2: King Mez]
When I say riding in the Hyundai, happy it's the weekend
'Cause I know Verizon won't disconnect my cell on a Sunday
Killed my Uncle headed for nothing, I hate this gunplay
I can only talk to you from my soul, it'll pay off one day
One Thousand, I got to be like an open book, we're spitting
It ain't the car you drove, it's the road you took to get it that defines you
Forget all that fake livin and soda
Spending their life savings in front of a club promoter
Like they got it like that, man that's a kid on that car
Acting like he bought it like that, you only get me so far
You ain't no artist like that, art ain't loud, it's thought provoking
And often the biggest words come from those who are softer spoken
For the ice and the cream they be Baskin' and Robbin'
At gunpoint, they love it, I pray you ain't walking beside 'em
At one point, we fought together, made 'em stop all they lies
But now we lie to ourselves in that we don't realize
Lord, help us

Michael Jackson - Andy Mineo ft. Thi'sl, Rich Perez, R-Swift, Bubba Watson
I go by M-I-N-E-O
But it really don't matter
Bury me with no tombstone
I want you to know my Daddy
We don't seek Him, He come after
We don't reach Him, He the ladder
If you die and you don't know Him
That's a weak end like a Saturday, Preeeach
This one for my misfits
Ah, what I'm saying is we ain't being statistics
Naw, what I mean is the things you want me to get with
God is already ticked with
It’s a sin, case you missed it
She might be fine like tickets
Don't love Jesus, we can't kick it
'Cause I been there, wish I didn't
Had to delete all them digits
They say, "Jesus why you sit with, the sinners and the wicked?"
He looking for the sick because the well don't need physicians!
No we never fit in cause they look at how we livin'
it's evident that we giving every minute for the King
Even though we trip we think about our provision
and we get a couple sinners when we rest upon His name
And this is how it all happened 
Adam fell, now it's all bad, Michael Jackson.
(Born sinner, b-b-b-born sinner)
This is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson x2

Link to lyrics for the rest of "Michael Jackson": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf-8EOA5nNo 


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